What are the rules for upserted .txt files. Getting error

I have a folder full of ansi-encoded .txt files. All are less than 2MBytes. I am getting this error on upsert:

"PS C:\Users\gaopt\AppData\Local\canopy-env> canopy upsert E:\AICorpus\Text
Canopy is going to upsert data from E:\AICorpus\Text to index:

Error: A unexpected error while loading the data from files in E:\AICorpus\Text. Please make sure the data is in valid jsonl, parquet, or csv format, or plaintext .txt files.

Your helpbot pointed me to read about the 2MByte file size limit and something about the number of zeros. Am I doing something wrong?

Could you share a copy of one of the text files in question? And I notice the text files themselves are hosted on a different drive than the one you’re running Canopy in. Does the user account you’re running as have sufficient permissions to read the files on the E:\ drive?

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