Upserting .txt getting error in Canopy

Continuing the discussion from What are the rules for upserted .txt files. Getting error:

I know you will find this boring, but it is essential to our business. Not the pdf to text coversion was horrible, but the senternces are readable. How do I upload here (too, ironic)? Should I email it to you?

@gaoptimize it’s never boring when our customers have problems, it’s what I live for. :wink:

Since you’re on one of our paid plans, I suggest opening a support ticket and attaching one of the text files you’re working with to it using the attachment field on the ticket form. That way, we can better see the problem and whether it’s something in the file’s formatting.

When you open the ticket, please be sure to include the full stacktrace of any errors you’re seeing, too. We’ll need that to debug what’s happening. From what we have at this point, it’s difficult to say with any certainty what the problem is, so the more details you can share on the support ticket, the better.

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