Simple node.js test fails

I was regression testing an application that previously was able to perform simple connection and queries. Today the connection is not even succeeding. To diagnose I then created a new Windows folder and installed the node.js module. Here is my simple test which also fails to list the indices. Nothing is displayed. It just exists.
The node version is v21.6.0.
Thank you for any insight.

var {Pinecone} = require( “@pinecone-database/pinecone” );
const pinecone = new Pinecone({

async function test()
var indexes = await pinecone.listIndexes();
console.log(‘indexes’, indexes);


The problem encountered is similar to

There is no stack dump or any other feedback.
This is Windows 10 and gcp-starter.

Hi @billreynolds007, please share the version of the pinecone-ts-client you are using. Note that the most recent version is v2.2.0.

Additionally, please attempt to list the indexes using a cURL request and let us know the result.


curl -i -X GET "" \

The curl (or wget) test worked of course :wink:

After several hours the culprit (at least on Windows) is node v21.6.0.
Using version v20.12.2 and all is well.

It may be related to
"[DEP0040] The `punycode` module is deprecated" with Node.js 21.x · Issue #9005 · yarnpkg/yarn · GitHub

You all may want to try the newer node version at your end.