I am not able connect the pinecone database in the Node.Js

Hey guys, I am using node.js for accessing the pinecone database but I am getting this error suddenly. Can anyone tell me reason and solution of this problem?

Here is the code:

const { Pinecone } = require('@pinecone-database/pinecone');

const pinecone = new Pinecone({
  apiKey: 'MY_API_KEY',
  // environment: 'us-east-1',
  // projectId: '5j25ef7',

@ankurchaurasia002 would you please share the full stacktrace of the error? That will very much help with debugging what’s happening.

I am getting this error while upsert the data.

Error: Request failed to reach Pinecone. This can occur for reasons such as incorrect configuration (environment, project id, index name), network problems that prevent the request from being completed, or a Pinecone API outage. Check your client configuration, check your network connection, and visit https://status.pinecone.io/ to see whether any outages are ongoing.

Just double checking, is that the entirety of the error message? There’s nothing show which line it happened on?

And is this happening constantly? If so, could you open a ticket at support.pinecone.io and let us know which index and project you’re working with?