Pagination in fetch requests

I’m facing an issue in my app right now where the data I retrieve from Pinecone is a lot to showcase into the frontend and I’m wondering if there are any beta workarounds that you have built for the same. Else I’ll just stick to something scrappy on my own backend.

Also, I’m looking for a GraphQL solution with Pinecone that helps strip of extra data in transit. Any that you would recommend?

Let me know you have any suggestions for the same. Love your db. Almost about to max out my free tier.

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There is a pagination feature request that you may want to vote for as well as include details about your use case.

Hi, Ankit!

We have been pushing for the release that just went public today about Serverless, so apologies for the late response here.

I would suggest using the List endpoint.

Let us know if you run into any trouble!

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