Introducing Pinecone serverless

We are announcing Pinecone serverless — try it now with $100 in free usage credits.

Pinecone serverless is the next generation of our vector database. It costs up to 50x less, is incredibly easy to use (without any pod configuration), and provides even better vector-search performance at any scale. All to let you ship GenAI applications easier and faster.


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yeah, but it just fails

@dhruv, can you shed a little more light on the issue you’re experiencing?

It was regarding the post that got split out of this one: Serverless collections message in the UI

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This is awesome. Great job to all involved! I’ve been using it and so far, loving it. However, I’m curious as to why/when Collections are not/will be available for Serverless projects?

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Great improvement, I would like to know about this request if it is being addressed. For us is mandatory to delete vectors based on metadata exclusively, thanks

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What to know if there is any update on these limitations, in particular for us is mandatory to be able to delete vectors using metadata filters.