Index initializing taking forever

I was trying to run a codebase which uses pinecone service.

The run was failing so I checked indexes section on pinecone dashboard. And it looks like the index is still being initialized.
I could find one of the issues a user had faced while running the same codebase, where he was charged $120 because although the code cleared the data in Pinecone index after every session, it unnecessarily left the index service running. He was refunded back by pinecone.

I am subscribed to the free plan. I am unable to delete index as it is not initialized yet. But as a precaution, the code is not running anymore on my local system. I have also rotated API key. It’s 2 am here now. I am new to the pinecone environment, so could you please tell me if the initialization is completed while I’m asleep, will I be charged for anything if I wake up tomorrow morning?


Thanks for reaching out! We are investigating an issue in northamerica-northeast-gcp. If you are on the free plan you have nothing to worry about.

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Thank you so much. Now I can go to sleep peacefully.

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I’m having the exact same issue when using auto-gpt with pinecone, env=asia-southeast1-gcp, please also take a look.


This is happening to me too. For asia-southeast1-gcp. Also … I’m in the U.S. is there a reason I have an asia environment?


I’m having the same issue right now with asia-southeast1-gcp

same here with asia-southeast1-gcp

I am facing the same issue ? Is this expected with starter plan ? will upgrading help fix this issue ? region is northamerica-northeast1-gcp ?

Having the same issue here too please assist: asia-southeast1-gcp

Same issue, waiting more than 4 hours - northamerica-northeast1-gcp.

The same issue for me. My environment is asia-southeast1-gcp

It has been more than 6 hours. It is still initialising. Any help at the earliest is appreciated.

Hey everyone. We’re experiencing another large wave of signups, and it’s overloading our ability to add new indexes. For now, all of the free tier customers are initially assigned either to northamerica-northeast1-gcp or asia-southeast1-gcp, so that’s why those two regions are having difficulty creating new indexes.

Unfortunately, just upgrading might not resolve index creation for stuck customers. So, for now, please hold off on upgrading. We can’t guarantee that doing so will immediately unstick you, and it could increase your costs, which we very much want to avoid.

Please follow our status page for updates on this. We will also try to post updates on this thread, but the status page will be the source of truth and will be updated more actively.

Thank you, everyone, for your enthusiasm and support, and especially for your patience. We’ll get everyone sorted with active indexes as quickly as we can.

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Thank you for the response, Cory!

My index has been stuck initializing for over 20 hours, should I continue to wait, or could I get the index / project deleted so I can start from scratch once the issue is resolved?

Appreciate it!

In Australia assigned to asia-southeast1-gcp, 5 hours, still under initializing. :sweat_smile:

Same I have trying to create a index for the last 24 hrs. I am assigned to asia-southeast1-gcp.

Same here. I created an index about 15 hours ago and is still initializing. Assigned to asia-southeast1-gcp.

I hope the problem will be solved soon. :pray:
Is there any ETA from the team for the resolution of this issue?

Same issue in asia-southeast1-gcp… When is planned the fixes of solution?

Just so ya’ll know the index page is spamming requests (at a rate of 1 request a second) out of your /databases/:id endpoint. Maybe you intend for this to happen, but I can’t imagine it needs to be running at such a high frequency and with everybody stuck on “Initializing” I wonder if this is pinging your indexing servers to hell and back.

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Thanks for the update. However, the status page hasn’t updated in nearly 23 hours. If this is an important issue, I would expect more frequent updates. Even if the update is we’re still trying to identify the issue.

Please help.

@pineconeautogpt Did yours ever finish initializing? How long did it take?