How do I export a collection to an external data store, such as AWS S3?

I need to backup our data to an external data store, such as AWS S3. Is there a way to export the data? It can be in any format - json, csv, binary, doesn’t matter.

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Hi @anita check this thread Downloading A Collection as JSON

I did see that thread Downloading A Collection as JSON - it basically said that there is no export capability. Do you know if that is still the official Pinecone response?

I can inquire on your behalf internally @anita
by the way, when youre ready it would be great to hear about what you’re building.

I would really appreciate if you could tell us if export is on your roadmap. And definitely - when we are ready, I would love to talk to you.

Hi @anita I heard from Product and they’re saying that we’re a ways out from general bulk export, however its something that they’re aware of and having discussions about already.

If you don’t mind anita, could you add this as a feature request at Feature Requests - Pinecone Community ?

I’ve mentioned it internally, but it helps us if we see it come through in a community discussion: This assists us with being able to notify you regarding roadmap updates.
It also allows other members to upvote your suggestion.

I found an existing request for “Bulk Export” and voted for that. Bulk Export. I will track that request as things progress. Thank you for your help.

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