Downloading A Collection as JSON

Is it possible to download a collection as JSON. Embeddings can get expensive and it would be nice to take the collection and save to file / s3 so that the index can be rebuilt from the collection later if needed.

Hi from Pinecone!
Collections are already a very cost-effective to store in Pinecone. It is $0.02/GB/Month. The only ‘hourly’ charges are for actively running indexes. Regarding the ability to export, we are working on many new features now to enable more robust import/export capabilities. Please stay tuned!

BTW, we have a newly revamped pricing that provides more clarity about how pricing works.

Thanks for the quick response!

That’s some cheap storage… Is there a road map on the export capabilities? It would be great to know that I can export the data if needed prior to moving to production.

We can always farm the data from requests logs prior to the data being ingested but… export would be nice.