Did anyone else just have their index deleted "due to inactivity"?

I’ve been actively using an index and had stored several thousand embeddings, have absolutely made queries in the last 7 days, and just got a notification it was deleted. Has this happened to anyone else? Quite frustrating given this is a material amount of money down the train on the embeddings service I’ve been using.


Yes. I just had mine deleted too. I have had uncountable number of embeddings. The app is definitely very active and I found out because I am getting so many messages because of pinecone errors… :person_facepalming:

Yep, this just happened to my pod.

Yes! also here!

We would have easily paid for this too after exceeding free tier.

Same, and it’s been in use all day.
And it won’t let me create a new one :frowning_face:

I will have to migrate to weaviate or something else at this point, the data loss is unacceptable at my scale :confused:

Yup. Me too. Mine just got deleted… I hope this is either a mistake or temporary or is potentially recoverable.

Hi everyone,
Thank you for reaching out to Pinecone regarding your index(es). We are investigating the issue currently and will continue to reply again here with updates. Thank you for your patience during this time.

For the latest updates:

Same here… and just a few days before we would start with the paid plans…

I had a million vectors indexed and was used until today
Pretty disappointing

With all due respect, if you just wiped out people’s indexes without ANY warning at all, you should never expect to be taken seriously as a vendor.

I’m so livid right now.

Same here, had about 30k vectors being queried and updated a few times an hour. First I heard of it was a Sentry alert from a failed api call. Then I got the Your index has been terminated email. Nice.

Is this a way to get us off the free tier? :smile:

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I hope that’s not true. That’s like iCloud deleting all your pictures because they want you to upgrade…

Are you gonna do that once your data is done or will you just buy from someone that RESPECTS you?

It’s not ideal and it’s broken a live application, that said my index can be rebuilt easily but I guess that’s not the case for everyone. I think the free tier on this service is pretty generous, it’s a shame this has happened but hopefully they can recover the data.

Same here. Lost access to thousands of embeddings. Please tell us that it was not completely deleted and will be back soon. I have an active application with daily user. It wasn’t inactive.

The control plan services have been restored. We are continuing to investigate an issue regarding Starter (free tier) indexes.

Can you confirm if indexes were fully deleted or just unavailable on the free tier?

We are still making that determination. Sorry we don’t have more information yet.

Mine is gone as well. I’m scrambling to regenerate the embeddings in a new index.