Cannot connect to indexes: error get project_id using `GET /actions/whoami`

I am trying to connect to my Pinecone indexes in two projects. I have tried multiple API keys for both and they do not work. These were working yesterday (January 9). Nothing had changed on our side, except that I generated a new API key as a test and that also does not work. We are using pinecone-client = “3.0.0rc2”.

The error I am getting is:

  File "/app/datastore/", line 25, in __init__
    self._client = Client(api_key=self._api_key, region=self._region)
RuntimeError: `Failed to retrieve the user's project_id using `GET /actions/whoami`. Please verify the API key is correct`
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I’ll open a new ticket.

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Hi @anita; I wanted to follow up and make sure you got this resolved. Did you see the workaround that was posted on the other conversation? To use the project_id as a third parameter?

Yes! Thanks for checking in. The workaround using the third parameter works great.

Excellent! Glad that worked.

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