Why do I get an error "user is blocked"?


There is no explanation beyond the error message, “Error: unauthorized. user is blocked” when I log-in to my account. This worked fine up to ~9 hrs ago before this post.

I’m on a Standard plan with already indexed data occupying 10% pod storage usage. I raised a support ticket but haven’t heard yet.

I can’t access the account, query or index new data.

Can the support team please share a resolution?

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To the best of my knowledge, access may be restricted for reasons such as a violation of terms or delayed payment. You can find more information about it in the Pinecone User Agreement.

Thanks for the response, @dra.

There was no warning as such in the console and invoices showed $0 in the Billing section (when I last checked yesterday) and now there’s no way to check if the invoice updated since I don’t have access.

This is most likely due to repeated unsuccessful payment attempts. We understand this may happen unintentionally and the warning email might get overlooked. Someone from the support team will send you a payment link shortly so you could update your payment method and reinstate the account. After that you will find your data backed up in a collection, which you can use to restore your index.

Based on user feedback we are reviewing our process around failed payments to provide more warnings, opportunities to resolve the issue, and clearer error messages.

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Thanks for responding @greg. I haven’t received a single email reminder about payment attempt.

Look forward to assistance from your support team.


This is now resolved. @greg reached out to me on addressing the situation. Thanks, Greg.