Why API key name has to be within 7 characters?

I need to create bunch of different keys for different environments across many regions. What’s the point of having a 7 character limit on the label name?

Hi @ayan.s, and thanks for your question!

Sorry you’re running into this. I’ll pass your feedback to the relevant team, but in the meantime, to unblock yourself, I wonder if you’re able to condense the words in your naming scheme down to less characters so you can still achieve the labeling you want but use less total letters? E.g:

a-as-p-1 or similar for the time being - not as legible as what you’re going for but hopefully gets you unblocked?


@ZacharyProser Thanks for your help. Actually, I had to unblock myself with similar ways. But some product design choices seem really weird to me.


Glad to hear you’re unblocked.

Understood - and I can certainly see that.

I’ll pass along any additional context I’m able to discover on this one.


Hey @ZacharyProser any update on this? Thanks!

Hi @ayan.s I’m pinging on my end…

Hi @ayan.s,

The 7 character limit was due to an implementation detail we’ve since moved away from.

We do intend to improve this system in the future so that users can specify a longer API key label, but unfortunately I cannot provide a firm timeline on when those changes might roll out.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @ZacharyProser. I will keep poking here from time to time to check if there’s any update on this.