Who else is facing 504 gateway timeouts? [URGENT]

I’ve been facing this since yesterday. I just can’t query my index anymore. My index has ~8000 vectors in it. It never responds. And my production service is completely down.

This is crazy tbh. I’m a paying customer too. Is anyone else facing it?

I’m contemplating leaving for some other vector DB platform. But then I need to re-index ~8000 vectors which isn’t a joke.

I’m sorry you’re running into this @narasimham. The only index I see associated with your account is on our Starter tier. If you’re working with a different one, please let us know. But our Starter tier isn’t really designed for a production application. It comes with no service guarantees and is there to be used to learn how to use Pinecone.

If you’d like help migrating your data to a paid index, we can help with that. But you’ll need to upgrade to the Standard tier before we can do so.

@Cory_Pinecone I understand. We upgraded to the paid plan today morning. My assumption was that all indices would automatically migrate to the paid plan.

Could you please help migrate our index to the paid one?

We have only one index. More details are present in the Sev1 I filed with ticket number - 5724.

@Cory_Pinecone I just checked and I couldn’t find any options in the UI to migrate off of free tier. Creating a new index and re-ingesting all 8000 vectors would be a tad bit expensive.

And thanks for the quick revert btw :slightly_smiling_face: Really appreciate your assistance here.

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Ah ha, that would definitely explain it. Yeah, the gcp-starter region is designed to be free forever. We used to upgrade a customer’s index when they upgraded their plan, but that caused other problems and we decided it would be better to just keep things free and start with something new when you upgrade.

I see you’re also working with Zeke in Tech Support. We’ll get you sorted with a plan to migrate.

Luckily, 8k vectors isn’t much. We can move that in a single query with a top_k of 10,000.

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