Which cloud provider I should use for latency aspects

Hello experts,

Our application hosted into AWS and it is serving customers in realtime. We would like to use pinecone vector database for storing our embedding and I noticed that starter not available with AWS servers. Is there any reason for this? Also I see rates are bit higher with AWS compared with GCP.

As our solution hosted into AWS and do you recommend to host our pinecone into GCP us-east-1 or we should go for AWS (with higher rate) into us-east-1? We need minimal latency impact.


You are correct that the Starter tier is limited to GCP due to cost of serving free pods to customers. Once you upgrade to Standard or Enterprise, you can deploy projects/indexes in other regions.
I would expect AWS on us-east-1 would be slightly faster than GCP us-east-1 but it could be negligible and very close. Testing both would prove useful against your requirements for latency to determine cost vs. performance in this case.