Where do I go to get a BAA signed with Pinecone?

I have seen the announcements that Pinecone is HIPAA compliant! How can I get a BAA signed. We are a vendor to a “covered entity” and we would like to include Pinecone as a sub-vendor.

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Hi @anil.nair, please visit our Trust and Security Center. From here, you can learn about our security posture and request access to our security documentation.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Hi Zeke, Thank you for your response. But the Trust and Security Center does not have any information about a Business Associate Agreement.

@anil.nair Apologies for the confusion. You can request a BAA from our HIPAA Compliance page.

Hi Zeke, The BAA that can be requested from the HIPAA Compliance page works for a Covered Entity (hospital or payer) to engage with Pinecone. But we are a software company that would like to use Pinecone as we serve Covered Entities (hospitals and payers). Looks like you guys meet all the security needs to be a HIPAA compliant provider. We just need to sign a BAA where we are the vendor to a Covered Entity and you are a sub-vendor to us. Is there someone at Pinecone that I can talk to about this? This is so close.

Hi@anil.nair - just bumped this internally - hang tight! Thanks, Jocelyn (Community Manager)

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