What happens if upsert/write operations happen too frequently?

I am building an application where users post their contents and search contents by others. As such, the upsert/write needs to happen by one vector at a time (i.e., when a user makes a new post). As the user base grows, this will result in highly frequent upsert/write requests where, again, each request contains a single vector.

  1. How does this affect, if at all, the upsert/write performance? Will one request block another? Should I make all requests asynchronous as per this suggestion? If so, should I manually set the value for the pool_threads parameter? What is the max value I can use?

  2. Will this frequent upsert/write of single vectors overburden the DB (because it needs to be updated or “re-processed” too frequently)?

  3. Will this frequent upsert/write of single vectors negatively affect query performance?