Web or desktop app to optimize and perform chunking

I suspect that the experts at Pinecone know enough about RAG performance issues (both quality and speed) and chunking to be able to write a program or develop a web interface to optimize chunking of data into Pinecone, something like:

  1. User uploads files into a bucket/lake/folder that they want chunked.
  2. User chooses from a menu dialog about use intensions, that would solicit things like completeness vs discrimination (field of view vs focus), speed vs thoughtfulness, amount of surrounding context, etc.
  3. The app analyzes the files, considers the user’s intent, and chunks the data in a near optimal manner for Pinecone to achive that intent .

I’ll state right now, given my company’s burgeoning (and my personal) interest in RAG LLM AI, that I’d pay ~$300 for such an application or ~$10/Gig of content (txt, pdf, Excel, .docx, .ppt, JSON at least) for a web service.