Vectors Wiped (Disappeared?)

For some reason, not clear to me yet why - all of the vectors in my index have been wiped (“vector count = 0”) per the console. I realized this when I sent a query and was getting no matches suddenly, and went to look at the console index info / metrics.

Checking the time series data on the console (image linked below) - it looks like they got wiped at around 9 hours ago.

I upserted a new set of vectors just now, and they’ve been successfully re-added - but that’s now the only vectors in the DB.

Anybody else having this issue?

Some info on my index / pod -

Environment = eu-west4-gcp
Plan = Starter Plan

Let me know if any additional info is relevant to add here for context.

Are you using AutoGPT? There are settings within AutoGPT that wipe all embeddings at the end of a session, but leave the index intact.

Although Pinecone has a policy of archiving inactive indexes (into collections), when that happens the index itself is deleted. So you wouldn’t have seen just an empty index.

Appreciate the quick turnaround -

No, I am not using AutoGPT.

In fact - (1) I cannot find any place in my code that would initialize vectors being wiped, and perhaps more importantly (2) at the hours the vector count time series (per the console) dropped to 0, I was not working at my terminal (my system was turned off).

If it helps at all - just as some added context, the vectors were added over the course of a little over a week, intermittently.