Upsert a vector in pinecone

I’m receiving this error when I try to upsert the vector:

ValueError: Invalid vector value passed: cannot interpret type <class ‘str’>

this is my code
vector = ( question, embedding, tag ) index.upsert(list(vector))

I also try using dictionary, but it gives me the same error.

Also the type for question, embedding and tag are the following:

question: <class ‘str’>
embeddding: <class ‘list’>
tag: <class ‘dict’>

Hi @ccbb3899

as per documentation here: Insert data and Upsert

Try upserting “fake” data if you haven’t yet. Vector(s) should have an id (string) and values (array of floats). I am not sure what your id is. How does your question look like? If it really is a question I would instead put it in metadata instead.

Do check that the embedding you are inserting is array of floats and not strings as well.

values1 = [0,0,0,0,0 ... 0]
index.upsert([("id0", values1)], namespace='')

If this works, proceed to adding metadata as well.

metadata = { 'tag' : 'something here' }
values = [0,0,0,0,0 ... 0]
index.upsert([("id0", values, metadata)], namespace='')

If you won’t be able to find the problem, with your own upsert, check every value you are passing into the upsert vector.

Hope this helps


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