Upload files : what is values?

Hi, Pinecone community!

I have a problem uploading data.
I’m developing a restaurant recommendation AI chatbot service using restaurant data. I’m trying to upsert a file in JSON format to pinecone, but the “values” is essential.

Upsert is normally possible when a list of random numbers is inserted into “values”, but an error occurs when inserted as a string in "values"or there is no “values”.

What is “values”? and How can I create values ​​with my restaurant data?
Can I put the “values” created by Python TfidfVectorizer?

here is sample data. it is data in Korean.

Hi @dbchoi, and sorry for the late reply. values are the vector you want to upsert into the index. You can create the vector by any means you’d like (including TfidfVectorizer), but you must ensure that the index you set up as the same number of dimensions as the vectors you produce.