Update metadata for all vector ids within a namespace

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I wonder whether it exists a “smart” way to apply the UPDATE method on all the vector ids within a namespace.

According to the below documentation:

this method works per vector id, making my updating task very challenging once one deals with hundreds of vector ids.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


I’m currently looping over all of the vectors and calling “update” one-by-one. Yech.

import pinecone
import os

Initialize Pinecone

api_key = os.getenv(“PINECONE_API_KEY”)

Connect to the index

index_name = “my-index-name”
pinecone_index = pinecone.Index(index_name=index_name)

def get_ids_from_query(index, input_vector, namespace):
print(“searching pinecone…”)
results = index.query(
vector=input_vector, top_k=10000, include_values=False, namespace=namespace
# print(“after searching”)
# print(results)
ids = set()
for result in results.matches:
return ids

def get_all_ids_from_namespace(index, num_dimensions, namespace):
stats = index.describe_index_stats()
if namespace not in stats.namespaces:
print(f"Namespace {namespace} not found in index.“)
return None
num_vectors = stats.namespaces[namespace].vector_count
all_ids = set()
while len(all_ids) < num_vectors:
print(“Length of ids list is shorter than the number of total vectors…”)
# input_vector = np.random.rand(num_dimensions).tolist()
input_vector = [0.5] * num_dimensions
print(“creating random vector…”)
ids = get_ids_from_query(index, input_vector, namespace)
print(f"getting ids from a vector query of {namespace}…”)
print(“updating ids set…”)
print(f"Collected {len(all_ids)} ids out of {num_vectors}.")

return all_ids

namespaces = [“namespace-1”, “”]
for namespace in namespaces:
all_ids = get_all_ids_from_namespace(
pinecone_index, num_dimensions=1536, namespace=namespace
# Update metadata for each vector
for vector_id in all_ids:
id=vector_id, namespace=namespace, set_metadata={“primary”: False}

Hi @sr3

there currently isn’t an “update_all” API, but maybe that wouldn’t be such a bad api to have! Submit a feature request and the Pinecone team will check it out :slight_smile:

There are workarounds like the one posted, but having a straight API would be way better imo.

Hope this helps