TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'data')

Describe the bug
I am using flowise with railway. I use pinecode to store data.
I want to upload text files and my website pages. I am using the Text Node and Puppeter web crawler Node.

I attached here some screenshots to see my configuration. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Railway doesn’t say anything in the logs.

Railway logs:

> flowise@1.8.3 start:default

> cd packages/server/bin && ./run start

2024-07-08 07:08:26 [INFO]: Starting Flowise...
2024-07-08 07:08:26 [INFO]: 📦 [server]: Data Source is initializing...
2024-07-08 07:08:29 [INFO]: 📦 [server]: Data Source has been initialized!
2024-07-08 07:08:29 [INFO]: ⚡️ [server]: Flowise Server is listening at :8080
2024-07-08 07:09:20 [INFO]: 🖊 PUT /api/v1/chatflows/67bbbae5-b845-470c-803b-40af3e33c508
2024-07-08 07:09:37 [INFO]: ⬆️ POST /api/v1/node-load-method/openAIEmbeddings
2024-07-08 07:09:37 [INFO]: ⬆️ POST /api/v1/node-load-method/chatOpenAI
2024-07-08 07:09:46 [INFO]: ⬆️ POST /api/v1/node-load-method/openAIEmbeddings
2024-07-08 07:09:46 [INFO]: ⬆️ POST /api/v1/node-load-method/chatOpenAI
2024-07-08 07:10:02 [INFO]: ⬆️ POST /api/v1/chatflows
2024-07-08 07:12:14 [INFO]: 🖊 PUT /api/v1/chatflows/06303819-9b5c-4e96-ab90-5b5555a56923
2024-07-08 07:12:33 [INFO]: ⬆️ POST /api/v1/vector/internal-upsert/06303819-9b5c-4e96-ab90-5b5555a56923
container event container died

Is there anyone who can help me to fix this issue, please?

@contact2 I see that for the Pinecone Index variable you have entered quickstart, but your index is named alnurmoda . Please set the index name in Flowise to match the name of your Pinecone index and attempt to upsert your data.