Type 'VectorOperationsApi' is not assignable to type 'Index<RecordMetadata>

// vectorize and index entire document
const pinecone = await getPineconeClient()

const pineconeIndex = pinecone.Index( ‘quill’)

const embeddings = new OpenAIEmbeddings({
openAIApiKey: process.env.OPENAI_API_KEY,

await PineconeStore.fromDocuments(
namespace: createdFile.id,

This issue from the JS Langchain seems relevant to the problem you’re having: PineconeClient is deprecated. · Issue #2643 · langchain-ai/langchainjs · GitHub

Hopefully it points you in the right direction for solving.

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Thank you so much silas for your reply! do you think the old PineconeClient will work if i just use the older version of langchain or do I also need to have an older version of pinecone?

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