Tuning pinecone error

HI all!

I was trying to performance tune my project in Node 18 Cloud Function and am getting an error on configureIndex. I couldn’t find anything on Google or this forum related to the error:

Failed to load function definition from source: FirebaseError: Failed to load function definition from source: Failed to generate manifest from function source: TypeError: pinecone.configureIndex is not a function

const pinecone = new PineconeClient();
  indexName: PINECONE_INDEX,
  patchRequest: {
    replicas: 2,
    podType: "p1.x1",

Hi @matt, I think the method you’re looking for is configure_index.

Hi Cory, thanks for the quick reply. I get this when I change it to configure_index :sweat_smile:

Property ‘configure_index’ does not exist on type ‘PineconeClient’. Did you mean ‘configureIndex’?ts(2551)