Trying to upload data to pinecone. Please help because I have been losing my mind


For the last few days I have been trying to upload vectors to the pinecone db. I am ready new with computers and seem to be going in circles. The only “guild” I have managed to find is Pinecone’s “Build overpowered AI apps with the OP stack (OpenAI + Pinecone)” where at the 16 min mark they upload vectors to Pinecone. I have managed a manually copy the code that briefly goes on their screen and I can make a csv file with the “gpttext” at the head of column A.

This is were I’m stuck. How do I get the embedding to populate in the corresponding columns with text?

Here is my .csv , :point_down:
Screenshot 2023-06-14 155304

Here is the video’s csv file I am trying to replicate :point_down:

I have no idea why it has been such a challenge to upload to pinecone db. I’m worried the solution is so easy that no one has needed to upload a tutorial.

My hope is to upload Pinecone/other program docs and build a chatbot with GPT4 to assist with my programming deficiency.

I don’t know how to edit a post on this website. I have managed to do this

I have no idea how to get it to the pinecone db. Maybe someone can point me to a guide?