The namespace does not add to my db

import { PineconeClient } from ‘@pinecone-database/pinecone’

export const getPineconeClient = async () => {
const client = new PineconeClient()

await client.init({
apiKey: process.env.PINECONE_API_KEY,
environment: ‘us-east1-gcp’,

return client

"export const processFile = async (data: Files): Promise => {
try {
const response = await fetch(data.url)

const blob = await response.blob()

const loader = new PDFLoader(blob)

const pageLevelDocs = await loader.load()

const pagesAmt = pageLevelDocs.length

const pinecone = await getPineconeClient()
const pineconeIndex = pinecone.Index('doctgify')

const embeddings = new OpenAIEmbeddings({
  openAIApiKey: process.env.OPENAI_API_KEY,

await PineconeStore.fromDocuments(

} catch (error) {
throw error
return ‘success’;

the code above is showing no but also it’s not working ?

@ouchen606 What do you mean when you say the “code above is showing no”? Are you seeing vectors upserted into your index, but just not into the correct namespace? If so, what namespace are the vectors landing in?

Please note that the fromDocuments method is a LangChain operation.