Thank you for the detailed NLP for semantic search notes

I have read through Pinecone’s tutorial on NLP. It is really very detailed and well written. Very impressed with the amount of efforts put into writing this, and I like to thank the Pinecone team for making it available online for everyone.


Agree. Thank you!

(Full disclosure: Posting here for to get the free Pinecone t-shirt)


Wanted to third this. My team has been working on similar problems and the Semantic Search tutorial is an incredibly good synthesis of best practices. I wish it was around when I started working on this originally.


Agree, it is well crafted tutorial with Video, code


i wanted the t shirt too :smiling_face:

the tutorial really helps in summarizing the latest trends and technologies


I agree it is well-crafted easy to understood tutorial :cowboy_hat_face:


Credit goes to @jamesbriggs :slight_smile:

Disclosure: Also writing here for the free t-shirt. Wait a minute…


Also looking forward to digging through the semantic search for NLP course— it clearly wraps together a bunch of threads I kind of thought were related but felt the need to dive deeper on!

And… a t-shirt… is a plus. Lots of good stuff coming out of Pinecone!


Agree, also looking forward to the showcases to see some interesting projects.

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Great to know, I have had a cursory look at the content of NLP for semantic search and it looks really great. I have this in my important courses to-do list as there’s no content like this on semantic search it seems.

Moreover, the Pinecone t-shirt is really a plus. :slight_smile:

Pinecone has been such a great discovery for my team and discussions with your team have been so interesting, can’t wait to put it in production !

(Also here for the t-shirt !)

The NLP/semantic search notes are a great companion to building search with Pinecone!

I really will be using this forum quite a lot in the coming years I’m sure, but looking forward to the tshirt. :- :rofl: