Switch from p1 to s1 pod

What is the best practice method to switch from a p1 pod to an s1? I am on a paid plan. I don’t mind living with the slightly lower latency. My p1 is filling up faster than I thought it would.

I did look through the docs and the answer may be on a 404 page: https://docs.pinecone.io/docs/indexes/manage-indexes/#create-an-index-from-a-collection


p.s. The 404 page is linked to from here: Indexes

I did figure out how to do it via the console. I found a minor bug along the way.

When I went to do “Create Index”, and then selected the “From Collection” tab, the number of dimensions was locked at 384. When I went to the Collection directly and then created an index from the collection, the dimensions worked.