Supporting our growing number of free users

We’re committed to helping developers discover, explore, and build with vector databases. Over the past two years we’ve invested heavily into running our Starter (free) plan, and we’re proud that it’s become an integral part to the AI journey for tens of thousands of developers.

Over the past few weeks, the level of excitement around Pinecone has been astounding. There are now thousands of people signing up for our free plan every day, and growing fast. As a managed infrastructure provider, keeping a service running smoothly at enormous scales is exactly the kind of challenge we love to work on.

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thanks for free plan, helps prototyping, exploring the product and see some early value. also, played around with several other options in the space of vector databases. this had the least entry barrier / learning curve. kudos on the progress. happy to help in any way possible.

I appreciate the challenge you guys are facing with the influx of accounts. Do you know what the current waitlist looks like for new requests?

I have just been put on the waiting list. Can you tell me when I will be able to actually use Pinecone?

any ETA on when the waitlist will be cleared? need some communication.

Hi guys, we really need an ETA to keep AI forward. I would like to thank you all and to know if we can some kind of “plus account” to get you services.

We’re admitting thousands of new users each day to the free plan as we add capacity.

We’re also working on efficiency improvements to let more users in with the existing capacity.

For those who want to upgrade directly to a paid plan, there’s now an option to do so from the waitlist confirmation screen (after signing up or logging in).

I really appreciate the Pinecone free plan.

Anyway, could be a good idea to create a “hobby” plan.

I mean, the standard plan starts at $70/month, which is too much for a hobby project.

Maybe something more affordable in order to explore the technology and the service?


Pinecone, please consider a ‘hobby plan’.

The current price-gap between free and 70$ is too high and will push people away.

Personally, I’d be willing to pay between 20 and 30$ per month.

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Agree 100%. That would be awesome. There might be a plan that has all the features of a free plan for eg $10. I would love to learn pinecone to my university project but $70 i steep.

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I have to concur with the last few posts - I’m really excited to get started, but I’m in no way able to justify the expense for a personal experiment. I think you guys probably have plenty of subscribers at this point, but you would surely garner many more with a more frugal-friendly plan.