"Starts with" metadata filter

A full regex metadata filter would be nice, but a simpler “starts with” would be very nice for a start.

Thanks for sharing! What sort of use case do you have for “starts_with” queries.

Hmm let me see if I can remember. I think I had a metadata field that contained three or four properties that I wouldn’t want to have as separate metadata fields. So an “ID” field would include document_type, page_number and some other stuff. They so it happened that I had to update an existing metadata field but only to some document types. (the first part of the “ID” field).

Another instance was that some documents always started with a specific phrase and I had to update some metadata field of only that documents.

I found workarounds, but at the time it look as a good feature to have, as niche as it may be :smiley: