Standard Pricing

I’m creating a ChatGPT plugin using pinecone, I really like how easy it is to set it up.

my question is related to the pricing, I know it costs $0.096/hour as long as the index exists for Standard Plan, for e.g. I’m building a SaaS using pinecone so if I create an index for all users does that mean it’ll cost me $70/month foreach user :thinking: assuming I’m not deleting the index OR do I have to delete the index every time user finished querying(this also means I have to create an index every time the user runs a query).

I’m confused guys, what I’m I missing here? Can anyone help me out?

No need to create a separate index for each user. You can create a separate namespace within an index instead, or use metadata fields to specify the user and then filter by user.

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thank you so much @greg
just curious how many namespace do you suggest per index?

Depends on your use case. You can’t search across namespaces, so if you anticipate needing to search across all your users’ data then use metadata values instead.

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