Standard pricing plan explanation

Hello, I’m a bit confused by the pinecone pricing model.

For example, the standard plan reads - $0.096/hour
Does that mean I’m only charged when the data is accessed/used, or am I charged for every hour of the month? (Roughly ~731 hours in a month = ~$73.00/mo )

Hopefully, one of you fine folks can help clear this up for me.

Hi @jspicher,

You’re exactly right. If your index runs for a full month, the cost would be ~$70. As long as the index exists, it incurs this cost, regardless of how much (or any) data it has stored or how many times you access it. We don’t charge per query, just for how many pods you have in your index(es).

Remember that replicas are also a pod type, and the X factor on the podtype represents the number of pods. So if you have a single index with 2 s1.x2 pods and 3 replicas, that would be 2 * 2 * 3 = 12 running pods for ~$840 per month.

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Thank you for your help and clarification Cory.
You’re the best!

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