Standard plan 70$ but in the index it say 105$

We have the standard plan for 70$ but when looking at the index that we’ve created, we see a cost of 105$. I can’t find information about this in the documentation. Does someone know? Thank you.
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Hi @fanny

hmm 105$ looks exactly like Enterprise plan :slight_smile: Could you check under Settings and Billing that you do not in fact have the Enterprise plan? If you do have the Standard plan contact support directly and they will sort it out (you have access to Support in both Standard and Enterprise plans).

Hope this helps

Yes, I checked and it says Standard Plan. Thank you! Where can I contact the support directly? It is a bit fuzzy :slight_smile:

Under the Support bot check the Standard/Enterprise plan and submit the ticket! :smiley:

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Hi @fanny. Just to clarify, Pinecone does not have a $70 per month plan. Our standard plan starts at about $70 per month, but this depends on a lot of factors.

  1. Your choice of region. GCP environments cost less than AWS or Azure.
  2. Your choice of pod type. p1 and s1 pods cost less than p2 pods.
  3. Your size of pod. x2 through x8 pods cost 2 to 8 times as much as an x1 pod.

Pinecone charges for each pod you use in your index(es) on an hourly basis (technically less, but the price is calculated based on hours or the nearest fraction of 1/4 hour). We use “starts at $70 per month” as shorthand for using a p1.x1 or s1.x1 pod in a GCP region for an entire month. At 9.6¢ per hour and an average of 730 hours per month, that works out to $70.08 for an entire month.

But strictly speaking, there’s no such thing as a $70 per month plan with Pinecone. How much you’re charged will depend on the combination of factors above.

You can keep an eye on how much you’re spending in the console, under Settings->Usage.

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Hi @fanny,

We put together a spreadsheet that helps with estimating/planning index sizing and calculating costs for Pinecone.

The way it works is you input information about your use case, like your cloud provider, dimension size, number of vectors, and expected query performance.

And it calculates various deployment configurations that satisfy the use case, and makes a recommendation.

Would be happy to get together with you (or anyone reading this) and help you estimate your Pinecone deployment.

Feel free to send me an email at



Okay, I understand. Does this mean that it at a maximum would be 140€ per month?
Thank you,

Sorry, I meant 240$ per month.

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