Semantic search

Hello, I have an AI feature to implement for a client. They have a list of venues (tens of thousands) and need to find the venues that match a client’s brief, along with a matching score (percentage).
For this, I used Pinecone, based on the cosine search model.
The problem I’m encountering is that, for example, if the user enters:
“bright place with plants” and the description entered in Pinecone is “bright place with plants, historic place, red velvet curtains”
I don’t get a 100% match. Yet, the place corresponds 100% to the brief.
Do you have any ideas for services that would suit this specific feature? Or is there something anything to do on Pinecone?

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Hi @lorenebergougnoux5, and welcome to the Pinecone community forums!

Thank you for your question.

It’s difficult to provide feedback or debugging assistance without seeing all of your relevant code.

Could you please put it in a public Jupyter Notebook or paste all your relevant code in a response here being extremely careful not to include any secrets such as your Pinecone API key?