Rust pinecone client

Is there a rust client in development? If it is not a priority, would it be okay for the community to make one based on the python client’s underlying rust crates? I’m not sure based on the python client’s license if extracting a rust client would be okay.

Hi @dj12 , apologies for the late response!
As you mentioned, the new Python V3.0 client, which is still in public preview (beta), does rely on an underlying Rust library.

To use it as a Rust client, simply link you code against the inner client_sdk library, which exposes the PineconeClient and Index structs.

In the future we would probably release this lib directly to to make it more easily accessible.

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Hey, I’m new to rust as well but I’m trying to use this library. Could you elaborate on the best way to link to the client_sdk?