Running a Pinecone meetup? Funding opportunities

I’m @jocelyn, the community manager at Pinecone. We’re offering support for events occurring this June. These “mini-grants” are financial and can be used to cover food, drinks, and other typical meetup expenses.

If you’d like to be considered for the June group, email (The forum is great for many things but managing an inbox isnt one). Or go here.

I’m prioritizing events occurring in June which focus on Pinecone: generative AI, vector databases, or RAG (a lightning talk by a local speaker qualifies, if slides are shared with Pinecone in advance). Events should have 50 or more attendees, a true code of conduct shared in advance with Pinecone, and should not feature competitors to avoid any conflict of interest.

Extra points for in-person events in places beyond the SF/NY bubble.

Email > DM

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