Requests failing after going Serverless

I’m using Flowise to build chatbots for a product and all of my bots are down after switching to Serverless indexes. All the info is inputted correctly on my end but get the message below every time i try to upsert or make request.

Request failed to reach Pinecone while calling
. This can occur for reasons such as incorrect configuration (environment, project id, index name), network problems that prevent the request from being completed, or a Pinecone API outage. Check your client configuration, check your network connection, and visit to see whether any outages are ongoing.

Facing the same issue, i am trying to add items to the indexes, if i add 3-4 at a time, it works fine but if i try to add 50-100 at a time it gives mentioned error

Hi @morpheusthedev, thanks for your interest in Pinecone Serverless. Based on the controller... endpoint, Flowise isn’t using the new API (required for serverless indexes). For your own code, we have a support article about this, but unfortunately Flowise will need to update this on their end to work with serverless indexes.

In the meantime, you can either use a pod index with Flowise, or use a different framework to create your chatbot, such as Canopy or Langchain.

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