Removing name spaces in Serverless pods keeps failing

Hey there, I am currently having issues removing indexes for a project that i am currently working on with Pinecone.

Internal error: PineconeConnectionError: Request failed to reach Pinecone while calling This can occur for reasons such as incorrect configuration (environment, project id, index name), network problems that prevent the request from being completed, or a Pinecone API outage. Check your client configuration, check your network connection, and visit to see whether any outages are ongoing.

^ this is the error that i am facing, and it works perfectly fine when i dont run the delete function as shown here:
await index.namespace(rowId.toString()).deleteAll();

Hi @rachxpradhan, thanks for your question. It looks like you’re using a legacy version of the Pinecone Python client, since you’re hitting the controller endpoint. The latest version of the Python client is 3.0.x, and is a requirement for serverless indexes.

You can find more information about the latest client in our documentation.

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