Quickstart example fails, if you don't wait long enough after upsert()

I figured it out… this is just FYI for any other newbies like me:

I created a “gcp-starter” account and got my API key. I ran the python code exactly as listed in Quickstart
The index.upsert() call to insert 5 8-dimensional vectors runs without error, and returns
{'upserted_count': 5}

However, the call to index.describe_index_stats() shows nothing actually happened: vector_count is 0, not 5

{'dimension': 8,
 'index_fullness': 0.0,
 'namespaces': {},
 'total_vector_count': 0}

and of course, index.query() returns no matches.

{'matches': [], 'namespace': ''}

Then I realized the database updates on its own time, and not immediately per-call. So I inserted a 30 second time.sleep() command after the upsert and before the query, and then it worked as expected. So, just FYI.