Query is not working, returns all ids in the index

I am new to Pinecone and Semantic Search. We currently use Elasticsearch for our search needs, but we are evaluating semantic search.

I indexed 5 documents (Pinecone index says: Total Vectors - 5), but when I search the index with the query “xxxxxxxx” or any random text, it returns all 5 ids in the response. What am I doing wrong?

I am creating vector embeddings for both indexed data and input query via OpenAI text-embedding-ada-002 model -

We are using the following ruby gem for accessing Pinecode API - GitHub - ScotterC/pinecone: Ruby client for Pinecone Vector DB

Here’s the query with options…

    vector: open_ai_vector_embeddings(query),
    top_k: 10,
    include_values: false,
    include_metadata: false

Here’s the document insert, where document_data is a blob of text.

  vectors: [
      id: id,
      values: open_ai_vector_embeddings(document_data)

Index dimension - 1536
Index metric - cosine

Hi @kapso !

Your index has 5 entries and your top_k (The number of results to return for each query.) parameter is set to 10 :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!