Queries Per Second and Concurrent Search Queries

Hey, I was going through the Pricing models for pinecone. Lets assume i go for p1 x1 which would cost me around $70 for one index for one month. I want to know in this plan how many concurrent search queries can it handle? And what if i set the replicas to 1,2,3 how much it would scale in terms of concurrect queries? Also what is the concurrent search queries limit for the free Plan?

Hi @shakirshakeel001,

We have a spreadsheet that helps with estimating/planning index sizing and calculating costs for Pinecone.

The way it works is you input information about your use case, like your cloud provider, dimension size, number of vectors, and the query performance you need.

And it calculates various deployment configurations that satisfy the use case, and makes a recommendation.

Would be happy to get together with you (or anyone reading this) and help you estimate your Pinecone deployment.

Feel free to send me an email at silas@ninetack.io to set up a time to meet!


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