Pod Fulness suddenly drops by 60% without any deletions

The metric page of my pinecone pod shows a drop of pod fullness by 60%. I assume there must have been large amount deletions, but to my surprise metrics do not show any significant deletions. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

Hi @ayan.s, thanks for your post! Please submit a ticket to Pinecone Support so that we can help look into the specifics of the index(es) on your account.

Thanks @Veronica_Pinecone, just created a support ticket.

Got this reply from pinecone support. we would have appreciated an official email before such changes / cleanups though.

Thank you for contacting Pinecone Support. Our engineering team deployed new resources to the asia-northeast1-gcp region that consume less memory/storage. When we performed some routine clean-ups on these pods, the fullness metric changed to reflect the updated status.

In short, if the index in question is in the asia-northeast1-gcp region, there is no reason to be alarmed. We apologize for the confusion, and please let us know if you have any questions. If you do, please be sure to share the name of the index.

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