Pip install pinecone-text[splade] not found

Trying to run pip install pinecone-text[splade] as described on the pypi page.
Running locally I get the following error

ImportError: Failed to import torch. Make sure you install pytorch extra dependencies by running: pip install pinecone-text[splade]
If this doesn’t help, it is probably a CUDA error. If you do want to use GPU, please check your CUDA driver.
If you want to use CPU only, run the following command:
pip uninstall -y torch torchvision;pip install -y torch torchvision --index-url https://download.pytorch.org/whl/cpu

Hi @nicholas,

Can you please share the pinecone-text version you are using and some details about your environment like OS, IDE and python version? This install seems to work on the environments we tested so we need to reproduce the issue on your environment

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