Pinecone X Terraform

Has anyone used / has success provisioning an index with terraform?

I just tried using this with the following configuration:

provider "pinecone" {
  environment = "us-east1-gcp"
  api_key     = "XXX"

resource "pinecone_index" "vector_db" {
  metric    = "cosine"
  name      = "test"
  dimension = 1536
  pod_type  = "s1.x1"
  pods      = 1
  replicas  = 1

and I got a Could not create index, unexpected error: error: status code: 400

I am assuming, something about the input is badly formatted. Anyone have any tips for digging further?
Thank you so much!!!

Hi Nasr, we don’t have an official terraform provider. Is it possible its an issue with the community library

Thank you so much!