Pinecone vectorization after splitting text chunks not working

Create an empty vector store or index using the appropriate method

index_name = “medical-chatbot”

# # Create embeddings for each text chunk

embeddings = HuggingFaceEmbeddings(model_name=“sentence-transformers/all-MiniLM-L6-v2”)

chunk_vectors =
for chunk in text_chunks:
chunk_embedding = embeddings.embed_documents(chunk.page_content)

Upsert individual vectors with unique IDs

for i, chunk_vector in enumerate(chunk_vectors):
vector_id = f"chunk-{i}"
index.upsert(index_name, vector_id, chunk_vector,batch_size=100)

Requirement: PDF is loaded,extracted, spliited into text_chunks and hugging face embedding i have downloaded. Now I want to move the embeddings to be applied on the input chunks and store vectors in the data base but not able to do so.

Problem :My code is running but I cannot see Vectors being created in the Pinecone Database Index. What could be the reason?

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