Pinecone throws random errors. Now it always throws the error

It seems like pinecone might be down, atleast for my Index. Non of my costumers or in my dev environment can reach the server. It have thrown this error at random interval the last couple of days but I did not think much of it since it worked in 99% of the time. But today it does not work at all and all request throws :frowning:
Anyone beside me experiencing this error? It is hosted on Google Cloud
I contacted support but no response yet and the status page have also not changed. It is pretty urgent to get it to work again since we are a startup with paying customers…

PineconeUnmappedHttpError: An unexpected error occured while calling the endpoint.  no healthy upstream Status: 503.
   at (node_modules/@pinecone-database/pinecone/dist/errors/http.js:191:0)
   at (node_modules/@pinecone-database/pinecone/dist/errors/handling.js:65:0)
   at (node_modules/@pinecone-database/pinecone/dist/errors/handling.js:33:0)
   at (node_modules/@pinecone-database/pinecone/dist/errors/handling.js:14:45)
   at (node_modules/@pinecone-database/pinecone/dist/errors/handling.js:5:42) {
 name: 'PineconeUnmappedHttpError',
 cause: undefined

When loading my index on the website it also only load at what seems to be random interval for the Browser and namespace tabs. They don’t seem to even hold any data that we have upserted the last 24 hours and the metrics is also not showing the last 24 hours usage…

Hi @s170559, one of our support agents has replied to the ticket you created.

At the moment, we have not received any other reports indicating an incident, so we will look into your specific index and communicate via the support portal.


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Thank you for fast response
You can just close this topic then!