Pinecone takes way too long to update

I do things like update or delete vectors, and the subsequent calls continue to return outdated info for up to 10 minutes at a time. It actually affects the quality of my app. Why does it take so long to actually update records and be consistent. I know its supposed to be “eventually consistent”, but I thought that would mean it would be spitting out updated data within a minute or so. But it is consistently taking several minutes to reflect changes one even just ONE record update. God forbid I try to deleteMany or something with more than 10 records.

Using a free tier with Google Cloud, NodeJS client. At this rate, I can’t see myself building anything important on top of this.

Hello @JordanTreDaniel,

Generally, we would not expect updates to take 10 minutes to appear. The windows should be in seconds or less.

To help us look into this problem further, can you please explain:

  • Are you using the Starter index or Serverless with the free credit?
  • Would it be possible to share the code snippet where you have seen this behaviour?
  • How many vectors are being inserted at once?