Pinecone serverless: start here

Welcome to Pinecone — the vector database! You’re in good company with thousands of ML and software engineers from companies like Notion, Gong, Klarna, ClickUp, Zapier, Hubspot, and more. Here are two resources to get you up to speed:

  • Documentation - The best resource to understand core concepts, reference the API and Python/Node SDKs, and get ready to go to production.
  • Use Case Examples - Building an application with semantic search, generative Q&A, or even IT threat detection? There’s a guide with sample code for that.

Also worth a look:

  • Announcing Pinecone Serverless by our our founder Edo
  • Live Office Hours. - If you have any questions about serverless or would like to get the Pinecone team’s advice for your project, be sure to join us for our live Office Hours on Fridays

Don’t forget that you can get $100 in usage credits to try serverless, which expires 6/1. Happy building!