Pinecone Canopy 0.1.4 is OUT!

We are happy to release Canopy 0.1.4

This release solved two Server issues for Windows.

Thanks @press74 and @abpai for flagging those bugs!

Happy to hear from the community about bugs or feature requests,

Canopy Team!


Thx. Great job and looking forward to using the framework! It abstracts a lot of stuff and makes it super easy to initiate a knowledge base and then start building on top of it.

A few quick questions:

  • When creating the ContextEngine object, is it possible to specify which namespace to use? Asking as I ultimately want to create a ChatEngine object that fetches context from a given namespace (and not a “default” one).
  • Is there a way to (programmatically) trace consumption (tokens spent and associated cost of OpenAI models and embedders) when using Canopy? Would be great if one would be able to trace things (something like LangSmith).

Cheers, Mario

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Was there any followup on the namespace requirement?

Hi @shubhampatil. Nothing firm yet, but you can follow the github issues page on the topic.